Keeping Amaryllis, Year After Year

Don’t throw out those beautiful Christmas Amaryllis bulbs once they finish blooming.  It’s so easy to keep them over and enjoy them year after year.  They will multiply, making little bulblets that will become blooming bulbs in a year or two.  Then you can start giving them away.  Once they have finished, don’t cut the foliage.  When the weather warms up, move them outside (I do this when I plant the tomatoes).  You can leave them in their pots or plant them in the garden.  They like to be 1/3 out of the ground, are heavy feeders and like a lot of water.  I give them a side dressing of bone meal twice over the summer and keep them well watered.  Once they have been hit with the first light frost, repot them, cut off the foliage and move them into a dark area for about 8 weeks, watering them sparingly.  Bring them into the sunshine at the first sign of growth and begin a regular watering schedule.  They should rebloom and increase in size each year.

Three of my favorites; Charisma, Benefica and Lady Jane

Three of my favorites; Charisma, Benefica and Lady Jane


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    I wonder if you could do the same with paperwhites? Worth a try.


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