From New England Boiled Dinner to Red Flannel Hash

Here it is, ready to serve.  I love my big old Leeds platter for this meal.

Here it is, ready to serve. I love my big old Leeds platter for this meal.

This past weekend we had a few friends over to enjoy our home corned beef (see previous post for recipe) and I made New England Boiled Dinner a/k/a NEBD.  For this use, I did not change the water after one hour when simmering the beef, I simply rinsed the beef well before beginning to cook it and let the flavor of the brining liquid permeate the water.  I did this because I wanted a lot of flavor for cooking the vegetables for the NEBD.  After the beef had simmered about four hours (and could be pierced easily with a fork), I removed to a warm platter to rest, spooned some of the liquid over it and covered it well with foil.  I then added the vegetables, in order of cooking time.

VEGETABLES FOR NEBD for 6:  12 small to medium red-skinned potatoes (unpeeled), 12 carrots trimmed peeled and cut in 3″ pieces , parsnips trimmed peeled and cut in 3″ pieces , 1 medium turnip peeled and cut in 1.5 to 2″ chunks, 8 beets halved or quartered if large (cooked in their skins and then peeled), 3 onions halved or quartered if large, 1 medium cabbage (cut into eighths).  When slicing the cabbage and onions, take care to make your cut so each section retains some of the core so it doesn’t separate while cooking.

First add potatoes (unpeeled), then carrots, turnip, parsnips, quartered onions and last the cabbage sections.  I cook the beets separately in their own pot of brining liquid as the red colors everything if you put them in with the rest of the vegetables.  Everything should finish at about the same time.  Test the potatoes and carrots with a sharp paring knife.  Gently lift the vegetables from the liquid (with a slotted spoon so they drain) and place them on a large platter, in an attractive arrangement.  Serve with rye bread, horseradish sauce, butter and spicy mustard. I made more than enough for the six of us as I wanted to make Red Flannel Hash with the leftovers.

RED FLANNEL HASH:  Take the leftovers from your NEBD, chop them up and mix together well, adding in black pepper and herbs (I like thyme) as you mix.  Turn the mixture into a greased frying pan and cook over low heat until a crust forms on the bottom.  Then mix it up and press down again, repeating this as a crust forms until there are crusty bits throughout the mixture.  (This takes about 1/2 hour.)  Press the mixture down firmly to make a cake.  Turn on the broiler to low and put the pan under the broiler until the top has crusted over.  (Pros can turn the cake over and cook the other side on the stove top but it always breaks apart for me.)  Return to the stove top and press depressions into the top for as many eggs as you want.  Crack the eggs into the depressions, cover the pan and cook on low heat until the eggs reach the stage of doneness you like.  Serve with horseradish sauce and ketchup.  If you have an overabundance of one leftover, just save it for another use.  If you don’t have beets left, it is just Corned Beef Hash, not Red Flannel Hash.

Red Flannel Hash with Poached Eggs

Red Flannel Hash with Poached Eggs


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