Native American Spearpoint

Two years ago, my husband was turning over a portion of the vegetable garden when he discovered a quartz rock, about 2″ long, which appeared to

Pre-contact Squibnocket Spearpoint

Pre-contact Squibnocket-stemmed Spearpoint

have been shaped by humans.  We thought it might be an arrowhead from the Pequot Swamp Wars which took place near us on July 13th & 14th, 1637.  In this battle the English, helped by friendly Indian tribes (the Mohicans among them) massacred the warriors of the Pequot tribe.  Thinking this artifact might have some historic interest, we sent pictures of it off to the State Archaeologist for identification.  He informed us that it is much older than the Pequot Wars, possibly 6,000 years old.  It’s called a small-stemmed or Squibnocket-stemmed quartz projectile point, most likely a spearpoint.  They turn up from time to time so there is no historic interest, except for us.

Last week, while walking the trail checking the nets for birds to band, I found another apparent artifact and sent pictures off to the State Archaeologist.  This time he said, ” I think I will have to break your heart on this one!  While the shape is right the type of lithic materials for a point is wrong.  So, I think it may be a natural stone.”

Sometimes it's just a rock...

Sometimes it’s just a rock…

Sometimes they’re just rocks….   😦


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    Carla said,

    Neato. I found a spear point while playing softball here long ago. I was playing 1st base, looked down at my feet, and there it was. They had brought in the dirt from somewhere else to make the ball field, so not even sure where it originally came from. It was red in color. And one of my favorite lines is from Forrest Gump — Sometimes there aren’t enough rocks. Carla


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