Hairy Bittercress: There’s a New Weed in Town

Bittercress plant

Bittercress plant

Well, maybe not new, but new to me.  This weed has cropped up everywhere this spring.  I sent photos off to our Agricultural Experiment Station for identification and received a reply from a technician there who Identified it as Hairy Bittercress  (Cardamine hirsuta)  She wrote: “Samples of Hairy Bittercress have been submitted from lawns and gardens throughout the state this spring; apparently the  environmental conditions since last fall  have been  favorable for  high levels of seed germination and plant survival.”

Bittercress seed pod

Bittercress seed pod

This plant is nasty.  It’s a little prickly when you pull it out and the exploding seed capsules shoot its many seeds out ten feet from the mother plant.  Pull it when you see it!


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    Jacque M. said,

    Yikes, I might have this all along my brook. Going out to check right now . . . . .


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