A Close Look at a Common Whitetail Dragonfly

Female Common Whitetail Dragonfly

Female Common Whitetail Dragonfly

My husband found a dead female Common Whitetail dragonfly and brought it inside so we could share close looks.   As the name suggests, this dragonfly is readily seen at this time of year throughout much of the country, but it was fascinating to have a chance to examine this strikingly beautiful insect at such close range.   Common Whitetails (Plathemis lydia) are also called Long-tailed Skimmers, the name “Whitetail” derived from the appearance of the male, which has an eye-catching white tail in maturity.  They are members of the order Odonata which also encompasses Damselflies.  They have excellent eyesight, eating mosquitos and other small insects, usually hawking from perches near a body of water.  The males are territorial, defending territories of 30 to 50 foot stretches of shoreline.


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