Chanterelles and a Chanterelle Frittata

These golden Chanterelles were nestled in the leaves to the side of a path on our favorite walk

These golden Chanterelles were nestled in the leaves to the side of a path on our favorite walk

[Don’t collect wild mushrooms unless you have an expert with you or are experienced!!!]

We usually take a walk everyday when we are in Maine and today, as we were walking along a wooded path where we often pick blackberries, I spotted a few spots of buttery yellow off to the side.  At first I thought they were leaves but they were too yellow and I realized I had found some Chanterelles.  These are among the choicest of wild mushrooms we find in Maine.  Our search image re-set from blackberries to Chanterelles, we began looking as we walked and soon had enough for a breakfast frittata.

All cleaned and trimmed, ready for the saute pan.

All cleaned and trimmed, ready for the saute pan.

I cleaned them and then sautéed them in butter.  To make the frittata, I first sautéed some onions then added the already sautéed Chanterelles.  I used five eggs (two for each of us and one for the pan), whisked the eggs with a tablespoon of cold water, a teaspoon of fresh thyme and some salt and poured them over the mushroom-onion mixture.  I sprinkled grated Swiss cheese over the top and cooked it very slowly until the edges were showing signs of cooking.  I then ran the pan under the broiler until the frittata puffed and turned a light golden brown.  Because I didn’t want to mask the flavor of the Chanterelles I was sparing in my seasonings, using a mild cheese and just a bit of herb.   The rich buttery mushrooms have a woodsy, sort of fruity taste and we wanted to savor every bite.




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    rick said,

    When I receive an e-mail it flashes momentarily then the screen goes blank and stays that way. Do you have any suggestions?



    • 2

      I have this happen to me with a blog I follow too, but I hadn’t known it was happening to my blog. I will tell WordPress since it must be a problem with them. I guess all that can be done is for the e-mail to let you know I have made a new post, then you will have to go to the url for the blog and pull it up. Sorry for the inconvenience but thanks so much for being interested!


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    Carla said,

    I don’t know what that tasted like …. but the whole setting looked delicious!


  3. 5

    Barbara Manicatide said,

    Kathy, I just read your fine article in the Citizen, which led me to the blog. I love chanterelles, but have never had the good fortune to find them in the wild. You have a lot of great posts, which I will go over more thoroughly when time permits. Hope to see you both Sat.


  4. 7

    Barbara Manicatide said,

    Darn – we are going in the morning to hear Dave S.’s talk.


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