Bird Friendly Plant Success: Yellow-rumps Come to the Bayberry


This little shrub is only two feet tall and already it’s a success!

We have gone to considerable expense and effort over the past five years to remove old deer ravaged exotic plants (rhododendrons, arborvitae and azaleas, etc.) and replace them with native, bird friendly, attractive, low maintenance shrubs which we hope are deer resistant.  The newest of these plantings, Bayberry (Mirica pensylvanica), filled our hearts with joy yesterday when we looked out to see Yellow-rumped or Myrtle Warblers eating the bayberries on this little shrub.  Myrtle Warblers get their names from the fact that they are able to turn from eating insects to eating berries when the insects die off in the fall.  They favor the fruit of the Myrtle family such as Wax Myrtle and Bayberry.  The deer haven’t touched the Bayberry bushes, so I think they will fulfill our requirements beautifully.  Try some.  The are dioecious (having male and female plants) so get female plants and one male if there are no others around, to have berries.  Be sure to get them in the fall so you can see the berries on the plants.  It’s easy to get fooled and you don’t want to end up with all male plants.


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