Polar Bear Trip to Churchill, Manitoba

Dancer, enjoying the last rays of afternoon sunlight.

Dancer, enjoying the last rays of afternoon sunlight.

Only eight hours after our power returned we were on the way to the airport for a long ago planned trip to Churchill, Manitoba to see the Polar Bears.  We had been invited by a friend who is a PhD wolf biologist, whom we hadn’t seen in some years but with whom we had maintained contact.  What a terrific trip! We stayed at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre where research is conducted on a number of subjects from Polar Bears to Aurora Borealis.  We saw 50 bears overall.  The bear pictured is named Dancer.  He’s among the largest and oldest of the males and returns each year.  He is identifiable from the battle scars on his face.  To me, he embodies the dignity of these animals.  They are now in trouble because global warming has shortened the  length of time the bears can be on the ice feeding.

A mother and her cub of the year.

A mother and her cub of the year.


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    Jane Connors said,

    Hello, I saw your article on Southport onions and I would love to plant some in my garden next year. I have a large organic garden up the street from you. Do you know where I can get Southport sets? Red and white. I prefer to plant sets than seeds but I will do seeds if that is the only way.


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    jmgoyder said,

    Dancer is so beautiful!


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    […] we were on the shores of Hudson Bay in November, 2012, [See this post] we saw a cairn known as an Inuksuit, erected as a location marker for the town of Churchill by the […]


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