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Explaining My Absence

Dear friends, some of you may have noted that I’ve made few new posts in the last few weeks.  This is because our oldest son, Pete, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in March, has taken quite a turn for the worse.  After four hospitalizations in the last three weeks, he is finally home and relatively comfortable on a regimen of morphine, percocet and ibuprofen.  All traditional treatments have failed and we were waiting for news of a clinical trial when the cancer entered his spine, requiring additional radiation.  This put any potential clinical trial on hold as there can be no other treatments underway during the trial.

Fortunately winter is a time of rest for the garden.  I hope by spring my thoughts will not be so scattered and that I can once again share my experiences with you.  For now, I will take a short hiatus and ask that you send Pete your best wishes for peace and freedom from pain.  Thank you.

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