Birding Trip to Block Island

We scoped the edges of the shoreline around North Lighthouse, hoping for an Iceland Gull.

We scoped the edges of the shoreline around North Light (built 1868), hoping for an Iceland Gull but none was seen.

Yesterday we went on a birding trip to Block Island, led by the New Haven Bird Club. It was cold but not too windy and the sun was out, so the conditions were enjoyable. I had never been out to Block Island before, so part of the fun for me was seeing the island and its two major lighthouses.  The birding, while not spectacular, was interesting enough to keep me excited all day and it’s always great to be with like-minded people.  [What’s not to like?  We were birding!]  The jetty was lined with Great Cormorants, who gave us good views of their diagnostic white flank patches.  They are our winter cormorants.  The most exciting bird of the day for me was a Great Egret, resplendent in his breeding plumes which reached to the water at his feet.  Sad to say my picture was from quite a distance and is not worth showing you but this link will take you to a photo display.  He reminded me of the service birds like him gave to the Conservation Movement of the early 1900’s for those plumes began the craze for feathers on women’s hats.  Birders (mostly women) were horrified by the fad of birds on hats and subsequent destruction of birds and their outrage led to the passage of the International Migratory Bird Act of 1918.  The three links below will take you to my eBird checklists of the birds seen during the trip.

Southeast Light from the edge of the cliff.

Southeast Light from the edge of the cliff.


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    Carla said,

    So true, any day birding is a good day. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Carla


  2. 2

    Isn’t it true. Soon I’ll be birding with you!


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