It’s a Full Moon So I Planted My Peas

I planted my peas yesterday.  I usually try to plant them on St. Patrick’s Day but the weather has been icky and I decided to wait for the full moon.  Last April I wrote a post about the benefits of planting when the moon is full and I refer you to that post for the link to the USDA maps and more information about this.  This year I’m trying something a little different; planting the peas under a row cover which I’ve had on all winter.  This has warmed the soil a little more than our lingering wintery weather would allow if the soil were not protected.  I also put in two rows of beets under the row cover as an experiment.  It seems to me that beets don’t do as well in hot weather so I am thinking that an early start may give me a better crop.

I have restored the photos back as far as the post on Planting with the Full Moon (4/29/12) and hope to finish the rest of my restoration soon.

Here’s a picture of an Amaryllis that just bloomed, to cheer you up.  Her name is “Minerva” and was a gift for Christmas 2011 from friends in Maine.  The flowers are nearly dinner plate sized.




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    Carla said,

    Yowza! Minerva is gorgeous.


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