Gorgeous Lettuce and Other News

The Romaine types and the darkest of the three loose leaf.

The Romaine types and the darkest of the three loose leaf (plus one weed!)

The long, cool spring presented me with a gift of the most beautiful lettuce.  I had started them in the house and transplanted them to the garden in mid-April, where they have now come into their own.  I grew five different varieties, two romaine type and three loose leaf.  Today would have been the birthday of my son Pete who died in January, a tough day for me.  Yesterday his wife gave him a birthday party, inviting all his friends and family, pot luck.  I chose fresh vegetables from the garden to add to the tossed salad she asked me to bring, asparagus, broccoli, sugar snap peas and of course, my lettuce.  The party was bitter-sweet of course.  His spirit was all around us, especially in his garage where he spent many happy hours in his workshop, fixing small machines, drinking beer and listening to his iPod.  I enjoyed seeing his friends reminiscing, the children in the group cavorting in the pool and it was wonderful to see his wife smiling.

Vegetables for Pete's Birthday Salad.

Vegetables for Pete’s Birthday Salad.


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  1. 1

    Denise Hughes said,

    What a great way to celebrate Pete’s life.

    I didn’t know lettuce could be transplanted.


  2. 3

    peg said,

    Lovely photos – thank you for sharing


  3. 4

    Carla said,

    What a nice way to celebrate Pete — good food, friends, and family.


  4. 5

    Marjorie said,

    Mother Earth is a great healer. I’m glad you have your pleasure of gardening for emotional comfort. The love your poured into growing the salad was a gift for Pete.


  5. 6

    Mary said,

    Your lettuce is beautiful. Apparently my lettuce reseeded itself in my little lettuce corral. I wonder if it’s too late to plant more. Unfortunately, land snails have found their way into what was supposed to be a slug-free zone. I’m glad you were able to share Pete’s birthday with others who loved him. I love what Marjorie wrote, all true.


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