Fledgling Ospreys are Everywhere

He seems a little bewildered.

He acts a little bewildered.

Here in Maine we have several Osprey nests around our house and the chicks have fledged.  They are careening in front of the windows, perching on the roof and whistling in anxiety all day long as they attempt to learn fishing skills and perfect their flight abilities.  Landing seems to be a problem for them.  There is a big, relatively flat rock in front of the house and one young birds has chosen it as a safe spot upon which to flop down.  They will be around for several more weeks, learning their craft, before they migrate south.  They return here in Maine right around tax time.  Our African Grey Parrot is quite adept at attracting their attention when he mimics their call.

The Ospreys were brought back from the brink of extinction when DDT was banned in the US in 1972.  So great is the Osprey’s success, the sight of them could become commonplace, but for me the sight of an Osprey is a reminder of how fragile our environment is and how easy it is for us to make a mistake that has devastating consequences.  The nicotiniod based chemical pesticides appear to be the next DDT and recent scientific research links them to the collapse in bee populations.  I only hope the political will exists in this country to do the right thing.

Safe landing accomplished.

Safe landing accomplished.



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    Carla said,

    Look at those talons!!!! Carla


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