Blackberry Season in East Boothbay

From these...

From these…

Labor Day Weekend is when our favorite woodland path yields its crop of blackberries.  We prepared ourselves before our daily walk by taking bags to hold the expected bounty and we were not disappointed.  After a pleasant hour seeking out the little jewels, we had enough for a pie.

to this...

to this…

For us, the flavor of a wild blackberry pie is unsurpassed but the berries are very seedy, so we strained the seeds out of all but one cup of the largest and juiciest.  A cup of berries would give us plenty of seeds to capture the berry pie experience.  I use tapioca as a thickener and added a little extra because the seedless berry pulp was very liquid.  The pie turned out to be a little juicier than I intended, but oh, so delicious.  We enjoyed that epitome of New England breakfasts; pie!

to the reward!

to the reward!

Is it a blackberry or a black raspberry?  The difference is in the rasp, or core, of the berry.  With raspberries, black or red, the rasp comes off with the stem leaving the berry hollow.  With blackberries, the rasp stays in the berry and the stem comes off clean.


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  1. 1

    Denise Hughes said,

    Yum! Isn’t nature wonderful?


  2. 3

    Mary said,

    Yum! We have some bushes in the back of our yard. Brad will fight his way back there to get some berries to have with cereal. I remember making black raspberry or maybe it was black berry pie in high school. I neglected to strain out the seeds! It was tasty and back then the seeds didn’t bother me, but I do remember my mother was not thrilled.

    That’s a beautiful pie and I love the photo of the berries on the bush.


  3. 4

    Carla said,

    I was the designated Blackberry Picker of the family (there were both blackberries and blueberries wild in the woods behind our house). I would pick for an elderly friend of Mom’s and she would thank me with homemade cinnamon rolls. The best of both worlds.


  4. 5

    There’s something primal in picking wild berries. Cinnamon rolls, not so primal, but both are delicious!


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