Experimenting with Vegetarian Lasagna

Summer Squash Vegetarian Lasagne

Summer Squash Vegetarian Lasagne

I’ve been trying out new ideas for vegetarian lasagna during these days of vegetable abundance.  I build on my basic lasagna, which has a tomato sauce and a cheese layer with the pre-boiled Barilla lasagna noodles but I’ve been varying a layer for which I would ordinarily use a meat mixture, trying out different combinations of vegetables.  I came up with a winner a couple of nights ago.  Always on the lookout for another way to use my yellow summer squash, I first sweated chopped onions in olive oil until they were golden, then added chopped (unpeeled) summer squash, salted it and sauteed it until it lost all its extra moisture and began to brown.  I then added minced garlic, chopped green pepper and red pepper seeds.  I decided to try using Herbes de Provence for my herb mixture.  I continued to saute this mixture until the green pepper softened, adding more olive oil when needed.

I built the lasagna with a layer of half the tomato sauce spread evenly on the bottom, a layer of the noodles, then spread out the sauteed vegetable mixture and topped it with another layer of noodles.  I next mixed ricotta cheese 2/3-1/3 with feta cheese and added more Herbes de Provence, salt and an egg, mixed that well, and spread it out for the next layer.  I covered that with another layer of noodles and spread the remaining tomato sauce on the top.  I tented a loose layer of tin foil over it and baked it at 350º  (the tinfoil as I didn’t want it to dry out on top but I did want extra moisture to be able to evaporate).  When I could pierce the lasagna easily with a fork, I added shredded mozzarella cheese on the top and put it back for about 10 minutes to melt the cheese and brown the top a bit.

The result was a light but filling dish.  I served it with a kale salad, some crusty bread and white wine.  I chose a baking dish that fits my toaster oven, so as not to heat up the house.  Obviously amounts of the ingredients will vary with the size of the container and it’s always a good idea to make two (one for the freezer) when you make something a little more time consuming like this dish.


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