Planting Onions


Today I reached forward into spring and planted my onions, 250 of them.  With the “Bomb Cyclone” in full force, a thought of spring to come was welcome.  This year I’m trying Yellow Spanish Onion “Sedona Organic F1” which is resistant to pink root, a virus still in the soil after 125+ years.  They’ll be ready for harvest in July.  These will be a nice size for transplanting into the garden in April.  The days are getting longer!


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    Harold said,

    OK, I’m inspired. Planting Southport Globes this weekend! Harold

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    Mary T. Schwartz said,

    250!!! That’s a lot of onions. I know you live on a former onion farm. It’s great you’re continuing the tradition, but who are you supplying? 🙂
    Thoughts of spring are most welcome!!!

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    Peg North said,

    Spring 120 days or so away. This is a good thing to do. Thanks for the post! Keep warm

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