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Garlic Bonanza


Our garlic harvest was excellent this year.  My husband loosened the heads with the spading fork and I washed them and separated them.  We cure them by spreading them out on the screened porch until the green is completely gone.

It’s a visit with friends when I harvest the garlic.  Mary S. gave me the first variety I grew which has been my mainstay ever since.  It has a nutty flavor and has been a fair keeper, lasting well into March.  A couple of years ago Katie L. gave me some which is the largest now, nearly baseball sized.  This one keeps even better than Mary’s, giving me flavorful cloves still in June.  Last year Susan W. gave me some, they were small but they tripled in size over the growing season and compete nicely in size now with the rest.  The last two varieties I grow are ones I got at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival about five years ago from a farmer who had inherited an old garlic farm and found heirloom varieties in the fields.  He had nurtured them into productiveness and shared them with me, along with his wife’s recipe for garlic scape pesto.  This may seem like a lot of garlic for a family of two but about 1/3 of it is used for the following year’s planting.  The rest?  There are no vampires around our house!IMG_5553

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Patriotic Pie


The crust is a little tweaked but this was fun to make.  I made up some strawberry- rhubarb and some blueberry pie filling, fashioned a little tin foil strip to dam off the field for the stars, filled the bottom (removed the dam) and then placed the stars and stripes.

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