Trouble in Amaryllis-ville!


If you look carefully at the photo above you can see that two of my amaryllis bulbs have flowered at the base (the one on the far left and the one in the center).  The buds seem normal but they have failed to put up a normal stem.  I searched the internet for a reason to explain this behavior and found an answer telling me it might be because of uneven watering, but these same bulbs put out normal stems for the second flowering and the watering for all is pretty much the same, so far as I can tell.  Do any of you have any ideas about why this is happening?

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    Peg North said,

    No idea, but still a beautiful show! Thanks for sharing.


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    kathryn said,

    I’ve had it happen a few times with newly bought amaryllis, but they’ve always rebloomed normally and it never seems to happen with bulbs I’ve had for years. I put it down to shop temperatures forcing them into bloom without water. If you’ve had them for a while maybe you brought them in to quite high temperature from a cool place without them having enough moisture to make the transition. (Noticed this post while I was looking for things to do with ripe cucumbers – now off to make cucumber boats in quantity – thank you)


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      Thank you! I’ll be sure they are well hydrated this year and try to pick a day when the inside and outside temperatures are similar. I’ve had the bulbs 30 years although maybe these came from side bulbs. I’ve lost track.


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