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Cabbage White Butterflies

Lovely as a butterfly, not so lovely as a worm in my broccoli

Lovely as a butterfly, not so lovely as a worm in my broccoli

The Cabbage Whites are pretty, they’re pollinators and provide food for many of our bird species.  The down side is that the preferred food for the larvae are the Brassica family, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.  I love seeing them on my lavender for they provide a lovely accent to the deep purple blooms.  Soon they will migrate to my broccoli to lay their eggs and I’ll begin finding the green larvae nestled between the stems.  I know people who won’t plant broccoli for this reason but it’s a shame to miss broccoli when it tastes so much better fresh from the garden.  Think of the spraying commercial growers have to undertake to defeat this, our most common butterfly.  When I prepare broccoli I first pick out any visible worms, then I blanch it.  The hidden worms turn white when they are cooked so they can easily be found and removed before the broccoli is served.  This may seem distasteful to you, so call and ask if I am serving broccoli before you accept a dinner invitation at our house.

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