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First Parsnips of the Season



We finally had a light frost a couple of days ago.  Frost sweetens winter vegetables like parsnips so I decided could at last harvest some and be confident that they would be tender and sweet.  I chose a simple preparation, just “slabbed” and sauteed in butter until the sugars caramelized and they were easily pierced with a fork.  After enduring months without parsnips, I didn’t want anything fancy, anything that might distract me from their delicate flavor.   I believe parsnips are vastly under-appreciated.  They are best straight from the garden of course, but lacking that, try some from the market.  You may find a new fall favorite.

I also hope none of you thought I was “down” with my Memories of Berlin post.  One son called and told me it seemed so, but I guess I was just being reflective.  Not to worry!  I’m happy!!

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