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The Tourist Ship Akademik Shokalskiy

The Tourist Ship Akademik Shokalskiy

I was horrified just after Christmas to see the Russian scientific research vessel turned tourist ship imprisoned in the Antarctic pack ice.  This was the very same ship my husband and I toured Antarctica in nearly ten years ago.  Today I learned that the wind had shifted and that she had broken free, now headed back to New Zealand for another load of tourists.  I became very fond of that little ship over the 25 days of our trip.  She is smaller than most of the ships that tour Antarctica and can therefore get into tighter harbors than the more common “Princess Line” sized behemoths we saw.   With only 47 passengers, we got to know our fellow travelers quite well.  They were a well traveled international lot with only 12 of us being Americans, much more fun for us.  The chef was Austrian and the food was delicious.  I loved the position of our cabin which was on the bow deck, the first one, facing the waves.  There were two portholes side by side in front and when the sea was rough it looked like we were looking into a washing machine with the foaming seawater swirling around in the windows.  I’m so glad she’s safe.

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