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A Surprise in the Seed Starting Tray

Fairy Helmets (Mycena), a surprise in my eggplants

Fairy Helmets (Mycena), a surprise in my eggplants

My eggplant seeds have been planted in pots which I filled with organic potting soil from Miracle Gro and I am faithfully checking them each morning to be sure they don’t need water.  They are under grow lights on a heating mat set to 77º, conditions I have had success with in past years.  This morning I checked and found tiny mushrooms in one of the trays.  These are very fragile, elegant mushrooms, I can almost see through their translucent caps which are pleated most delicately.  I looked them up and they have the perfect name of Fairy Helmets .   I’m not sure which of the several species of Fairy Helmets these are but the link shows photos that look like mine.  They are evidently common in Northeastern woodlands and occur on rotting conifers.  I pulled them up as I don’t want the spores to spread onto the adjacent trays and I’ll be sure not to over water.

On the subject of restoring all the photos, I discover that WordPress has an archive of the most frequently searched topics, so I’ll begin with those.  To my surprise the Ponderosa Lemon Marmalade post seems to have had the most searches.  I guess I’m not the only one who wondered what to do with that one huge lemon.

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